The Voice of Kreatress

I am an ever-evolving creatress of music and art as well as a private voice teacher to people of all ages. After finishing my Bachelors (Bachelors of Music in Vocal Performance - Summa cum laude) and Masters (Masters of Music in Vocal Performance) in the United States, I moved to Berlin to pursue my dreams of becoming an artist. The path I found myself on while living in the U.S. did not suit my dreams nor did it foster the creativity I longed to express and create through collaboration. Little did I know I would find a beautiful new path to express my creativity outside of the classical music world. Longing to create a community rooted in inspiration and love, where all are able to express themselves free from judgment, I founded the music and art community, Wilder Garten in 2016 (Wilder e.V.). I curate events, host workshops, hold space, perform, and co-create with like-minded creatives all over Berlin.

My most recent manifestations revolve around producing and releasing my solo music as well as the music of my band, Peachfuzz. I have also been collaborating with a number of inspiring women throughout Berlin using different visual and musical mediums from short films to workshops to retreats.


Being the shape-shifter I am, I also teach early childhood music in English around Berlin.