The Voice of Kreatress

Kreatress is an ever-evolving creator of music as well as a private voice teacher and coach to people of all ages. After finishing her Bachelors (Bachelors of Music in Vocal Performance - Summa cum laude) and Masters (Masters of Music in Vocal Performance) in the United States, she moved to Berlin to pursue her dreams of becoming an artist. Little did she know she would find a beautiful new path to express her creativity outside of the classical music world. Longing to create a community rooted in inspiration, where all are able to express themselves creatively, free from judgment, Kristen founded her band and music and art community, Wilder Garten in 2016 (Wilder e.V.). She curates, hosts, and co-creates with like-minded creatives all over Berlin including events such as The Future is Female, a performance-based event featuring artists who identify as being female.

Her most recent manifestations revolve around producing and releasing her first EP. She has also been collaborating with a number of inspiring women throughout Berlin using different visual and musical mediums.


Being the shape-shifter she is, Kristen also teaches early childhood music in English all around Berlin.

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