The Voice of Kreatress

I am an ever-evolving Creatress of music and art; a vocal alchemist, a sound oracle, and performance witch. After finishing my music education in the United States (BM & MM in Music), I moved to Berlin to pursue my dreams of becoming an artist. I found myself longing to express and create through collaboration & community. Little did I know I would find a beautiful new path to express my creativity outside of the classical music world.


Longing to create a community rooted in inspiration and love, where all are able to express themselves free from judgment, I founded the music and art community, Wilder Garten in 2016 (Wilder e.V.). I curate events, host workshops, hold space, perform, and co-create with like-minded creatives all over Berlin. We host events such as The Future is Female and jam sessions led by talented musicians in a special place called Nomads (Kreuzberg, Berlin).

My most recent manifestations revolve around producing and releasing my own music under the artist name of Kreatress, as well as planting seeds of love with The Ecstatic Triad (Jaqueline Louan, Celeste González, and myself). I also hold space and create workshops using the voice as an alchemical way of finding truth, releasing what is ready to be let go of, shining your light, and experiencing the body in connection with the spirit. I collaborate with a number of inspiring women throughout Berlin. My love of creating magical sound carpets for people to ride on has become a focus of my live performances.


Standing in the heart and leading with love and openness is the base and center of all I am and all I create.

And so the unraveling continues on and on and on...